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 Betreff des Beitrags: Vorschlag Regeländerung F2C
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David Gannon aus Australien hat mich gebeten diesen Text hier zu veröffentlichen. Leider nur in englisch, vielleicht erbarmt sich ja jemand und übersetzt den Text.

Dear sirs

Because f2c is a developement class it has evolved into an,"anything goes as long as certain critical rules re minimums & maximums are stringently adhered to, ie..

* areas and weights governing model size, min/max line length, dia etc.
* tank and engine max volume
* Fuel ( non tech item, anything goes )

These few consraints are what provide the simplicity that makes f2c so complicated and such a challenge and pushes us on to ever increasing speeds and corresponding decreases race times.

A reduction to the area of the exhaust on the cylinder of the engine would

* Limit the horsepower/output of the engine by constricting it`s ability to pump ( reducing the theoretical bmep ) "This will slow them down".
* Reduce noise. Which an environmental consideration of great importance,and will become more so in the future.

These 2 things could be achieved simply and quickly using existing equipment, and evolution would take care of the future.

* A flat plate resrictor or a plug with a hole in it ( no go guages could determine preffered shape ) would be a simple and effective means of achieving this, with minimum inconvenience.
* A muffler could also be specified ( incorporating a baffle plate, generic dimensions of course ) or a sraight pipe of a certain diameter and length and a push fit into the existing exhaust port could be retrofitted to all existing combinations, the added bonus here is that deflector plates would no longer be necessary.

There would no doubt be a whole raft of ancilliary changes needed to accomodate these changes, ie props, a maximum size venturi could also be specified. However the models and lines and tanks and fuel could all remain unchanged and a good outcome in terms of velocity and noise reduction would be achieved.

The major focus here is to allow changes where necessary with minimum inconvenience to teams and manufacturers as all current equipment and ancilliaries would still be usable, for a short time anyway, until evolved out by the next generation.

My only question is:

* What is the general consensus amonst teams as to a sensible minimum time for ten seconds that the fastest teams be allowed to operate at to enable current team race pilots to fly them for the next, shall we say 10 years?

If an appropraite min/time, max/velocity could be arrived at, then the changes could be also specify a minimum race time ( penalties would apply for time breakouts) this would make it easy to police and add an extra challenge for competitors.

Maybe some time and velocity rules are the only changes needed. Some minor changes to tune could be all that is needed.

Maybe TEL should be banned.

What about a generic prop.

Please put this in your forum.

Best regards.

David Gannon

David Gannon
Team racer f2c,f2f, V/tr
President of Mercurians MAC
Perth Western Australia


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