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Dear E-Combat Enthusiasts,

In the following, I will try to give you some tipps how to get a first working setup to start E-Combat:

Model airplane:
The intention of the E-Combat rule is to use models in the size, weight and robustness of existing F2D models. They offers the best availability of CL Combat models.

The E-Combat rule restricts the maximum motor weight to 150 g. It is a really high limit, because some motors in this weight class will consume more than 1 kW electrical power.
There are good experiences with BLDC outrunner motors in the weight range from 100 g to 130 g.
Robbe Roxxy 3535-12
NTM Prop Drive 35-36A 1800

BLDC Controller:
BLDC motors need an ESC which generates a rotating magnetic field. Today they are working sensorless which simplifies the connection. The ESC should be capable of 60A current at 11 to 15 V (3s to 4s Lipos).
Robbe Roxxy 960-6 (very high efficiency at 50% to full throttle)
Castle Creations Phoenix Ice Lite 75 (with internal data logger)

The E-Combat rule set the maximum weight of the ready to fly (RTF) model (with battery) to 625 g. Dependent on the weight of the other components, the battery weight is consequently limited to about 150 g to 200 g (the lighter the RTF model the better are the flight characteristics and the fun!). Rechargeable Lipo batteries with 3 to 4 cells (3s to 4s) are state-of-the-art due to their high weight specific energy. Capacities in this weight class ranges from 1500 to 2000 mAh. Take care of a high discharge rate (C-rate) of the lipo although the announced continuous C-rating is often much too high. To fly for 2 minutes full power you need a c-rating of 30 (2 min = 1/30h).
There are some good batteries from:
Thunder Power
and many others

Besides the much lower noise level as compared with F2D models, the use of 2,4 GHz RC equipment for powertrain control (which is officially allowed from the CIAM since 6/2013) offers also the possibility to shut on and throttle to save energy as long as fighting is not permitted.
A close to perfect solution are the pistol-shaped transmitters which are sold for throttle control of RC model cars. They are available in most model hobby shops for less than 30 €.

Examples how to put all the stuff together will be presented next time.

All E-Combat pilots are welcome to present and discuss their solutions and findings.

Best Regards,

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